Thursday, April 28, 2011

Willy the Tourist

If you think you already worked on a "dick" project, look at this one I worked last month...
Se vc acha que já trabalhou num projeto "pica", veja só este aqui que trabalhei mês passado...


Goodby Silverstein & Partners


Executive Creative Director:
Erik Vervroegen

Art Director:
Antonio Marcato

Art Director:
Raphael Milczarek

Will Elliott

MJ Otto

Production Company:
Seagulls Fly

Luciana Jordão

Luciana Fintelmam

Art Director
Luciana Jordão

Marco Teixeira
Renan Lima

Concept Artists
Ciro Sollero
Flavio Monteiro
Igor Maia
José Feijó Menezes
Paulo Visgueiro
Ramon Saroldi
Rodolfo Perissé

Lead Character Animation
Alan Camilo

3D Artists
Alan Camilo
Fabricio Moraes
Felipe Lobo
Felipe Luis
Fernando Reule
João Victor Ferreira

Editing and Composition
Luciana Fintelmam

Fernando Reule
Luciana Jordão
Luciana Fintelmam

Executive Producer:
Yogi Graham

Jay Redmond

Assistant Producer
Tatiana Fernandes
Nina Prochaska

Big Foote Music

Executive Producer:
Paul Seymour

Kari Steinert

Sound Designer:
Matt Hauser

Chris Jordao


Alex Liki said...

Muito bom Alan! Parabéns a todos os envolvidos!

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